Turaco's Afro Breeder is the latest of several projects of Nelson Nobrega, designed and constructed since 1978 in Europe, which is in essence inextricably linked to Africa, his continent of heart and soul, with the epicenter in Angola, its roots.
In 1986 acquired 2900 m2 of land in a bare hillside in the village of Lourinhã, Portugal.
As had envisioned doing it in 1974, Sá da Bandeira today in Lubango, Angola, its Country Christmas, which always build your dream home and raise their offspring on the hill surrounding Our Lady of the Mount, the slopes in field and with the wonderful view of the entire city built on top of the mountain Chela.
The civil war that followed the colonial war in Angola, which spread and lasted from 1974 to 2003, took refuge in South Africa in 1975 and, in 1978, came to reside in Portugal.
Not being able to realize their dream in Lubango / Angola, envisioned this space acquired the Hill of Stones, recreating the design of Lubango, but in Europe.
Installed a small botanical garden prowling the 2000 varieties of trees and shrubs, seeds, bulbs and rhizomes of plants that allow previously selected to represent the atmosphere, environment and smells of Africa.

Within this conception of "rainforest" began in 1987, the construction of Villa Colina das Pedras, host family and all friends, good African way, which was completed after nine years, in August 1996, when it came to be inhabited.
And this little cell Lourinhã in Africa, lacked the complement .... The sounds of Africa.
Report  now in 2009, the Kruger Park in South Africa sounds were there.
Amid so many have heard and identified the sounds of his childhood and time in military Chitado, Angola's southern border with Namibia, the Go-Away or "Roosters do Mato" the savannah, the Turacos on permanent alert Red Crested or the "anduas" as we identified in the northern and central Angola. Hence the "insight", and the decision ... The selection of sound that lacked the atmosphere of the Hill of Stones.

Reaching retirement and based on the knowledge acquired in professional poultry over decades of activity, decided to adapt all this technical foundation to avicultuira exotic and devote the rest of his active life to Turacos, exogenous birds of their continent and with some species-specific Angola.
In two years, through 2009 and 2010, made the study of Turacos, analyzed all available worldwide references about them and identified the areas where it wanted to develop the project.

1 - The study / research of Turacos in captivity and in natural habitats in order to preserve it.
2 - Complementary activities emerging from the main objective

To this end, traveled to several countries for personal contacts with producers and technical reference in the field of production Turacos, acquiring directly and selection, most "parents stocks" that have come to form the basis of genetic work production the "Turaco's Afro Breeder".

And, on the hill of stones, built up the first avian according to technical standards as defined ideas for production, but adapting them to space and existing vegetation, incorporating this value to the welfare of the birds, so they have an environment and conditions more similar to what they find in their natural habitats in Africa.

With two years of existence, the 1st phase of the project completed and 60% of the species in captivity, present to the public our organization, so we can count on the collaboration of all who identify with the goals of:

TURACO'S  AFRO  BREEDER   -  Breeding and Research Center